• Satsuma earthenware bowl. ‘Millefleur’ pattern, signed Hozan. Meiji Period
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Satsuma earthenware bowl. ‘Millefleur’ pattern, signed Hozan. Meiji Period.

Satsuma earthenware bowl, signed Hozan, c. 1900, Meiji Period. The large chrysanthemum shaped bowl, well painted both internally, and externally, with a profusion of flowering plants, in the ‘Millefleur’ style. Each flower heightened with gilding.

The base elaborately signed Dai-Nihon, Hozan, with a seal Hozan, 大日本、寶山, the seal 宝山. Between two dragons, in raised gilding.

Height: 7.6 cm, 3”.

Width: 18.2 cm, 7 1/8”.

Depth: 18.2 cm, 7 1/8”.

Condition: Excellent condition. No damage. No restoration.