• 9ACD0F25-60F2-453C-AACB-AD6F4C4E0D7D
  • 9ACD0F25-60F2-453C-AACB-AD6F4C4E0D7D
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Staffordshire blue and white printed pail, c. 1830.

Staffordshire pottery printed blue and white pail, c. 1830. Decorated to the body, with a continuous scene of a mother and child, before a large urn of flowering plants, in a garden looking out towards a church and other buildings, across a river.
The rim with a broad band of flowering plants, which is repeated to the interior.
Having twin scroll handles, printed with flowers.
All under a pearlware glaze.

Height: 30 cm, 11 7/8”.

Width: 36 cm, 14 1/4”.

Condition: Excellent. No damage. No restoration.