• Staffordshire group of Greyhounds, c. 1860.
  • Staffordshire group of Greyhounds, c. 1860.
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Staffordshire group of Greyhounds, c. 1860.

Staffordshire pottery spill vase, Greyhounds, Thomas Parr factory, c. 1860. Finely modelled as two elegant Greyhounds, one standing, whilst the other lays recumbent, before a tree stump, and a fence. Both hounds wear gilt collars, and are painted in naturalistic tones. Set upon an oval grassy mound base.

Height – 27 cm, 10 5/8”.
Width – 20 cm, 7 7/8”.
Depth – 10 cm, 3 7/8”.

This is a much finer, relatively early example of the group. Later ones tend to be much more rounded, whereas, here the elegance of a Greyhound, is captured in the sharper modelling.

Condition: Excellent. No damage. No restoration.