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Staffordshire ‘River Wars’ figure group, c. 1898.

Staffordshire pottery figure group, c. 1898. Modelled as a soldier of the 21st Lancers, carrying a rucksack, linked with a sailor, carrying a bundle, in his left hand. Standing upon an oval grassy mound base.
Decorated in underglaze cobalt blue, and overglaze enamels.

This figure was made to commemorate the actions of the combined forces of the British Army, and Navy, at the Battle of Ondurman, during the River War of 1898, which culminated in the re conquest of Sudan. A campaign also noted for the involvement of Winston Churchill, as a young officer of the 4th Queens Own Hussars, alongside soldiers of the 21st Lancers, at Ondurman.

Height – 31.5 cm, 12 3/8”.

Width – 21 cm, 8 1/4”.

Depth – 7.6 cm, 3”.

Condition – Typical minor wear to the overglaze enamel. No damage. No restoration.