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Turkish Silver Ewer and Cover, Tourgha Mark, Islamic Market, 19th Century


A fine and large Turkish silver Islamic ewer and cover, late 19th century. The baluster shaped and faceted body, engraved to either side, with floral scroll formed oval panels, upon a wave and dot ground, beneath a beaded collar, separating the body, from the similarly engraved neck. Having a leaf scroll handle, and an elegant long spout.
The similarly engraved, hinged cover attached to the handle with a large cast leaf, and surmounted by a stylized floral finial.
Stamped tourgha marks to the body and the cover.
Weight 1138 grammes, 40 ounces.
Measures: Height 34.7 cm, 13 5/8”.
Width 23.2 cm, 9 1/8”.
Depth 13.5 cm, 5 1/4”.
Condition: Excellent. No damage. No repair.

Medium: Silver

Height: 34.70 cm, 14"

Width: 23.20 cm, 9"

Depth: 13.50 cm, 5"

Condition: Good