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Worcester porcelain ‘Blind Earl’ dish, c. 1765.


Worcester porcelain ‘Blind Earl’ dish, c. 1765. The dish having a branch handle, and moulded, in relief, with leaves issuing from branches, and rose buds, in high relief. Hand painted in underglaze blue, to the leaves, along with bugs and moths.

Crescent mark in underglaze blue to the reverse.

Diameter – 14.5 cm, 5 3/4”.

Condition – Excellent. No damage. No restoration.

Legend has it that this design became known as the ‘Blind Earl’ pattern, after George William Coventry, the fifth Earl of Coventry (1722-1809), ordered a service of the pattern. He had lost his sight in a hunting accident, and took pleasure in being able to touch and feel the moulding of the service.