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Sunderland creamware Frog mug, ‘Good Ale’, c. 1815.


Sunderland Dixon, Austin & Co. pottery creamware Frog mug, ’Three Horseshoes’, and ‘Good Ale’, c. 1815. The mug printed, and hand coloured, with a tavern scene, of two gentlemen on horses with their dogs, being served beer by the landlord, outside his pub, ‘Three Horseshoes’. The pub sign, with the upturned horseshoes, and inscribed ‘Good Ale’.
Having a simple strap handle.
The interior of the mug, with a large well modelled, and enamelled frog.

Height – 12 cm, 4 3/4”.

Width (over handle) – 12 cm, 4 3/4”.

Diameter – 9 cm, 3 1/2”.

Condition: Slight wear to the overglaze enamels. No damage. No restoration.